story teasers

28 May

I’ve been obsessing over the same story since December and thought it time I share some little teasers. I’ve been calling it The Warrior

A prophesy is made. Enemies are rooted. Hope seems like a frail seed destined to die.
But what happens when hatred falters and it’s opposite creeps in?
The stage is set. The players are in place. But the game is not what anyone expected.


Mild, meek, and timid. Yet they call her Warrior.

Prophesied at the age of two to one day bring Challdor great victory over their enemy, Kaia has grown up in the Queen’s palace, a slave to the art of combat. But she does not fit her role in size nor spirit, much to the Queen’s dismay. When Kaia is captured by the very people she’s been training to defeat, everyone holds their breath.

With the fate of two kingdoms resting in her shy hands, all eyes are on Kaia.

And she is going to surprise them all.


And here is my one-liner:

The Kingdom of Challdor’s prophesied Warrior has her world turned upside down when she finds herself deep in the enemy’s kingdom.


Hopefully all that was interesting and not confusing. Input is welcomed.

I’m trying to salvage a third draft at the moment, but, I’ll be honest, my first drafts are so messy it physically hurts. My poor father and husband have taken up the chore of wading through my second draft for me now, and I’m hoping to send the next draft out to a few others. For now I’m fleshing it out, adding more scenes, smoothing over the cracks (sometimes gaping crevasses), and deleting the heck out of things.

Funny. I always pictured writing novels as this easy, clean task.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Easy reading is damn hard writing. -Nathaniel Hawthorne

But it’s so worth it.



One Response to “story teasers”

  1. 1 Story A Week May 28, 2012 at 5:53 pm #

    Sounds like a great book. I’d read it if I had read that synopsis in a book store or online.

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