on the eve of the new year

31 Dec

Tomorrow starts a new year. For me, it will be a year of a lot of things. Things one: poetry. I’m going to write a poem each day, mostly haikus, but I’ll venture out a bit.

I love haikus because they force the writer, who is prone to blabbing on and on, take what it is they want to say and condense it until it’s bare. No fluff. No useless bits. Each word is chosen carefully because you don’t get many of them. It causes the writer to focus, simplify, and reduce ‘word waste’.

I’ll share my haikus on Twitter each day. Here’s my Twitter page if you want to follow me there: https://twitter.com/clayanddus

2013 will also be a year of wrapping up my story and sending it out to agents. LOTS to do still. More to come on that later.

I’ve been reading a chapter from my Bible each day which I’ll be continuing, and I’m not only picking up the violin, BUT I’m also allowing myself to stay crappy at it… indefinitely. Like Anne Lamott says, you have to let yourself do things badly. That will be violin playing for me 🙂

This is a very rambling kind of post.

Maybe I should have tried fitting it all into a haiku…



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