the web for the writer

18 Jan

Being a good writer is 3% talent. 97% is not being distracted by the Internet.

I agree with this. Having said that, today’s post is about the helpful places on the web for writers.Used well, these resources can have a great impact on your writing. Here goes:

My number one site for writers is Pinterest. Hear me out. I’m not the only writer doing this. I went to a great little writing class where the teacher talked about keeping a folder for your novel where you can stick pictures and quotes that inspire you along the way. Something clicked in my mind and I thought, Pinterest! This has helped me to visualize my story so well. It’s honestly the most helpful resource I have. Check out my board for The Warrior series, and see what I mean.

Number two is Twitter. It all depends on who you follow here. I enjoy Anne Lamott, Advice to Writers, and Quotes for Writers. They give me quick fuel.

Number three, for when you need a big push, is Write or Die. I love going here. When I’m writing too slow and I know it I hop on over to Write or Die and let Dr. Wicked torture me. It’s simple. Click to use the web app, go for the basic settings, and let Dr. Wicked probe you every time you stop writing. At least try it once. And tell me how it went.

Last, but not least, is I have a free account with them (absolute proof of my literary nerdyness) that allows me to save my favorite words. I’ve realized that the words I love are actually pretty simple but sadly underused. Ebb, rue, lest… I collect words like these the way some women collect rings.

What sites do you utilize as a writer?



2 Responses to “the web for the writer”

  1. humbleadoration January 18, 2013 at 11:32 pm #

    For my political commentary, I use NPR news articles. Even though I come from the libertarian side of the spectrum, I like to have my sources be moderate or even left-leaning.

    I love my Merriam-Webster app and etymological dictionaries.

  2. earth2laurag January 25, 2013 at 1:52 pm #

    LOVE pinterest.. seriously WHAT would I do without it? My book wouldn’t be nearly as creative! Thanks friend!

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