and now onto pitch wars

2 Dec

You missed me, didn’t you?

Well, I missed you, and here I am. Back from the NaNoWriMo trenches and already flung onto the battlefield that is Pitch Wars. Apparently I don’t like to, you know, stop for air. Air. *Pshaw* Who needs that?

NaNoWriMo went well for me this year. I didn’t reach my 50k goal because I didn’t write a single word the last week on account of kids being sick and the whole holiday rush on top of work, but I’m still feeling great about what I got out of it. Nearly 40,000 words of a very cool story that I’m excited to pursue off in the future. I didn’t write what I told you I was going to write. I threw that out early on. I’ll tell you about it sometime when I feel like beating my head against a table.

So, Pitch Wars! I submitted my four entries just moments ago, and I am jazzed. I’m taking CROW AND THE SECRETS OF THE SPIRIT WOODS on its first walk around the block since its creation and rounds of edits, and I couldn’t be more encouraged. We’ll see if any of the truly great mentors I submitted to decide they’d like to take it a few miles. If not then I’ll have one more round of edits and start querying agents. I am so looking forward to it.

‘Perseverance’ has been the word I’ve kept on repeat this past three years while I’ve been writing my heart out, piling up the rejections as I go. Maybe I’m getting close now, or maybe it will be another three years or more. Either way, I’m enjoying the process, the thrill of curious agents and the growing pile of form rejections.

I’ll keep at it.

And I hope you will too.


Neil Gaiman, ladies and gentlemen



One Response to “and now onto pitch wars”

  1. Tom December 2, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    Congratulation’s for getting as far as you did on NaNoWriMo with all that was going on in your life. Good luck with Pitch Wars. I know you will do well. Tell Piper Get Well Soon and we will see all of you soon.
    Love, Poppy (Dad)

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