About Dustin

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The babes and me, #4 still in the works

First off, I’m a girl. I swear this to you. My mom named me Dustin because she didn’t have a girl’s name that she liked, and when some famous country singer named her daughter Dustin she figured she could too.

I like it.

Oh, and get this: My husband’s name is Clayton.

Clay & Dust. Nice, right?

We thought about trying to keep it going by giving our kids names like Sandy and… Dirt, but decided against it.

We live on a little farm alongside some hens and some sheep. If you ask me what I believe, I’ll tell you that Jesus is legit, leggings are pants, and there is no such thing as too much coffee. Also, love. And kindness. And not being asshats.

I write novels, haul water, and hound my kids to do their schoolwork just about every day. Also, I love it.

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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