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the perfect heartfelt gift… that also happens to be cheap

5 Apr

It is so easy to shop for me. Really.

Go to the used book store and buy me a $3 novel (two if you can swing it) or a $5 book on gardening, or head to WalMart and pick me out a $6 house plant. Any of these gifts would make me giddy, and you’d have enough change left over from your ten to get yourself a cup of coffee.

But I’ve noticed (rather painfully) that not everyone sees things the way I do. There are people out there who… who don’t like books or house plants. Gasp!

I know, I know. Do try and remain calm.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, right?

So, I wonder, what are the heartfelt-but-still-cheap gifts that other people like?

Someone has ten bucks that they want to spend on you. What do you want them to get you? Or you have ten bucks to spend on someone. What are the gifts up your sleeve?